Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sleeves - Two of 'Em

Look what I did over spring break:
It's two sleeves to a long-lost project. Not a UFO, quite, but almost. Now, definitely not. The front and back are done, so once these sleeves are done, it's off to the seaming party, and it's New Wardrobe Day for me!

This weekend is another holiday, which I'm looking forward to even though I have homework to do which I am behind in. I'm going to find it hard to behave in class after the debaucle that was the mid-term. Anyone have any suggestions of productive things to do during class? I could bring my computer and try to watch a movie, but my battery dies quickly. And I think it would be annoying trying to listen to the movie, the teacher, and the music the teacher always has playing during class. And no, I don't think I could get away with knitting. Maybe I'll put a comic book in my textbook. Boo.


Toryssa said...

It's always nice to finish something!

I don't know about the what to do in class. I made poems from random words I picked up that the prof. or other students said. Then when it came to test time, I had NO idea what to study... and I was always amazed that I did so well. Goodluck!

noonie said...

good grief you started that jumper in July... there's hope for me yet. me goes to look at my knitting again.

PS it's reading your blog and Steph's that has inspired me to start knitting again.. thanks. I'm not great but I'm getting there.

Vicki said...

Crossword puzzles are good for boring classes. or handheld video games if you can get away with it. Good luck!

Kris said...

I get away with knitting in classes I don't have to take notes in. I think the trick is just to keep it in your lap, and look up a lot (I normally bring brainless projects).