Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ok, ok. Finally....some WIPs

ok, so this is supposed to be about me and my knitting right? But there hasn't been so much of that yet, right? Well, here it is.

My first WIP to report is the Broadripple socks from Knitty . Here are three pictures, two of the first finished sock, and one of my progress on the second sock. I'm using the fixation yarn in color 9843, which is purples and greens. I enjoy knitting with this yarn, but I think the socks are too "tall". They go way up my legs, and I'm not sure if I'll like them. I hoping the cotton will shrink a little when I wash them.

The first finished sock. Posted by Hello

A closeup of the first sock. Posted by Hello

The beginning of the second sock. Posted by Hello

My other main WIP is a sweater from Classic Elite:

It's the gray one on the left. Posted by Hello

I'm using some Cascade Indulgence, which is an indulgence indeed. It's 70% superfine alpaca and 30% angora. It's so yummy. It's a little fuzzy, and it's a dark purple, so I'm not sure how well the cables at the waist will show up, but so what? Gorgeous anyway.

Finished back Posted by Hello

Close-up of cable detail Posted by Hello

The beginning of the front Posted by Hello

There is one other project I have the back finished on, but it's a temporary UFO. There are other projects I lust after, but I can't afford them right now, even if they would be more season appropriate.

Some friends and I are going to Stitches Midwest this year, but just for the market. We're going to drive up to Chicago, spend the night, and then shop the next day. I am going to be on a quest for yarn for Madli's Shawl from the Summer Interweave. It's the only shawl I've ever seen that I've been compelled to make, since I'm pretty sure I'll never wear a shawl. But something speaks to me and says I should do it.

My more season appropriate project I'd like to make right now is a lacy cardigan from the Summer Vogue, and I lust very deeply in my heart to do the Phildar Cardigan Raye. I'm pretty sure that if I don't make that sweater before I die, I'll have lived an unfulfilled life. I better get the yarn soon before it's discontinued, because it's just not the kind of project you can substitute much with. I know Alison did some substitution, but I think everyone will agree that you can't just go get what you need at your average LYS. There's another sweater in the Summer Interweave I'd like to make, the Cabaret Raglan. I have yarn picked out on Elann for the Cabaret and the cardigan, I'm just waiting for the money, and deciding if I should get the Phildar yarn as soon as possible at all costs, even if it means waiting longer for the next project. I'm a little unmotivated by the socks and the sweater. I need some oomph to get me going, like, oh, I don't know, something I have to order from, where is that...Denmark?