Friday, July 30, 2004

Impatient for fame

Ok, so maybe I just started this blog two days ago, and maybe there isn't that much to see yet. I'll admit this freely. But I want it to show up in search engines. If it doesn't, how will anyone ever find me? Google explains that it has a bot that goes out and finds new websites and gets rid of the old ones. It goes on to explain that if you want the bot to find you, you increase your chances the more sites you're linked to because it goes from site to site to site through links on those sites. Well, I'm a brand new blog, and nobody has linked to me yet. Why would they? They've never heard of me. But for them to hear of me, don't I need to come up in a search engine? It's a vicious circle. And the stupid thing is, I'm doing this through BlogSpot or Blogger or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, which is owned by Google. Shouldn't Google find all of its own sites? It does say that this bot is only used once a month, but that seems stupid to me. I would think it would run more or less constantly. But what do I know? I guess I'll just be patient.