Saturday, April 09, 2005

An Artist's Sketch of the Perpetrator

In my lifetime I have had two major hairdressers. When I was in fourth grade, I went to the local beauty school and got a perm. When I was in fifth grade, I went to my mother's hairdresser, Marlene, and she did a very good job of convincing me to cut it off, which was a good good thing. She was my hairdresser until I was in the ninth grade and went to a salon my friend went to and had my hair cut by Kari. Kari cut my hair until I moved to St. Louis three years ago. Kari and Marlene (who still cuts my mother's hair) now work at the same salon, and the other day my mother saw Marlene and asked her what she thought I should do. Now, Marlene hasn't cut my hair for a long time, but still remembered that it was thick and a bit curly. Mother (Hi Mom!) says that Marlene didn't even blink before suggesting "Halle Berry". Halle Berry is about as beautiful as a girl can be:

And she has very cute, very short, hair. Which is thick and a bit curly, just like mine.

Now, this isn't the first time I've made a major change to my hair (it grows fast, so I'm always either growing it out or cutting it off), and a while back I found a relatively easy way to "try on" new hairstyles. I pull up a picture of myself on my computer, put a white piece of paper over the screen, and trace my face, but not my hair. Then I can draw on whatever hairstyle I like. I'm not an artist, but hair is just a ton of little lines, so I can usually fake my way into a reasonably accurate representation of what I'm going for.

Here is me and Halle:

We could be sisters, right? (I can't draw noses even if I am tracing, and I don't like my nose anyway, so imagine a nice nose where it should be.)

Now, before my mother and Marlene got me all star-struck I did have a picture of what I wanted in mind, so I made a sketch of that one, too.

The reality is that if I cut it the first way and wait a month, it'll look like the second one. I think the first might be a little too short, but I might give it a try anyway, because it won't look any worse than it does now, and it'll only be that way for a little while.

(Mom- print out this entry and show it to Kari - she's seen these "artist's sketches" before. She'll know what I'm up to.)


Vicki said...

I do like the second better, almost looks like that last one of Halle, but like you said it'll grow into that if you go for the other. I'm so excited to see how it looks on you!

Danielle said...

I agree the first will grow into the second. They both have lots of style but if you like both letting the one one become the other will cut back on the trips to the salon. You can have fun with color with out worry of keeping it forever.

Amy Boogie said...

I love Halle Barry's hair. I only wish I could get my hair to behave that nicely (natural curl, blegh). I think either style will look great.

Kathleen said...

Wow. You are going super short. I am impressed. I would love to have the courage to go that short. As it was, I was a hero at my sister's salon. She is growing it down to her butt in order to have enough to donate and keep. :) I love 'em all.

promgown said...

i also wants to do the hairs with like that but of my weakness i never try this type of hairs.