Saturday, May 28, 2005

Knitter's Summer 2005 Review

I don't very often buy Knitter's Magazine. As anyone who reads this blog on a semi-regular basis may have noticed, I tend to lovelovelove Interweave, and it keeps me pretty busy. So I have to say I'm impressed with this issue, and I bought it. There are a few things I wouldn't be caught dead in, but I resolved from the beginning of this blog to not poke fun or single people out in a negative way. So I won't.

Here's what I like:

The very creatively named "Lavendar Top"
I think it's too obvious where they used a much smaller needle to cinch in the waist, and probably won't make such a drastic change, since I don't have a drastic waist. But I love patterns like this because they're cute and simple enough to show off an interestingly-textured yarn. And I'm going to have to make it in lavendar (my favorite color) and get a brown paisley skirt to go with it, because I love lavendar and brown (and pink and brown, if you remember my new luggage.) I think pink and lavendar can be really frou-frou colors, but pairing them with brown makes them look sophisticated. And we all know how sophisticated I am.

Parchment Leaves
This kind of grew on me. Will I ever decide I want to seam reverse-stockinette? Probably not, but it's pretty anyway. This picture doesn't show it well, but the collar is gorgeous.

Whispering Rose
Because of my previously-mentioned, not-drastic waist, I like the swingy hem of this. And it's pretty.

When people hear that I lovelovelove Harley Davidsons, they act surprised. Maybe it's because I wear things like this, and not a lot of tube tops. A tube top would be easy enough to knit....hmmm.....


Vicki said...

Good picks. I love having brown in a combo with other colors. My faves are pink/brown and blue/brown (combos in some of my fave scrapbooking paper coincidentally), but lilac and brown would look good too. Very sophisticated :)