Saturday, May 21, 2005

Look Who's Blocking Now!

Cardi Raye fronts:

The Cardi Raye is cotton, and it stretched out a bit when I got it totally wet. I should have pinned it out and then spritzed it, but in the past I've had swatches shrink up when they dry, so I'm not freaking out yet; but I'm definitely not starting on the back until I know I don't have to change anything. (Yes, I did get the swatch wet, so no, this isn't my fault.)

In other knitting news, I worked at the yarn shop today, and it was a busy day for me, which I always enjoy. One person who came in was working on Clapotis and had come to her first dropped stitch and wasn't sure what to do. That was fun! I got the satisfaction of dropping the stitch and didn't have to do the work to get there! I've considered bringing my Clapotis along on my business trip, but I think it'll get bulky, so I'm going to bring the socks I ripped out and Cardi Raye.


Vicki said...

It looks great! I sooo need a job at a yarn shop. And yet, I'm not sure my checking accout would appreciate it. I'd end up with less money than I started out with.