Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pent Up Knitting

I suppose I haven't been knitting much lately, so this is what happened when I got the time:

The right front of the Cardi Raye. (Click to see the sparkly goodness in greater detail/splendor.)

Saturday morning I figured out how I was going to do the cast on, finished the ribbing, got two inches into the body, realized I'd forgotten the increases after the ribbing, ripped back, and got about an inch into the body again and went to work. Yarn shops are quieter in the summer, and while at work I got to the part where it was time to add the sparkly purple which I didn't have with me. After I got home I got partway through the pink/red at the top, and this morning and evening I got a little done and am now ready to add the sparkly red. Sheesh. I sure have gotten a lot done, and this is on size 4 needles! I thought it would take forever, but no.

The next time I cast on I will show you how I did it. Maybe it's somewhere in some book, but it's not in Vogue Knitting, and I couldn't find it in Montse Stanley's book. I think it looks pretty good. Ever since I learned the easy tubular cast-on for Shedir, I have a whole new standard for my cast-ons to live up to.


Vicki said...

It looks great. Sakes your like lightning! :)

Bookish Wendy said...

That's going to be a fun sweater. I love that color combo. Are you going to do the whole ribbon thang on the edge? (Is that a ribbon thing on the edge?)

Thanks for stopping by (and leaving a comment.) I love your answer to, "If you open your eyes underwater.." question on your blogger profile!

Gwen said...

I love the sweater!!! I bet it looks even more awesome in person.