Thursday, June 30, 2005

Baby, If You've Ever Wondered....

Tuesday and today I have had phone interviews for another job in a land far, far, away. Well, maybe just far away. It sounds like a good job, and it's at a flavor company, which I think would be GREAT. You're clue is the title. I'll keep you posted.

In current job news, I finally got paid today after having my pay period changed from bi-monthly to monthly. That was not easy, but I had a lot of warning, and it was ok. And now I feel rich. Which I am not. But I'm not poor either.

And so I bought some yarn:

Crystal Palace Light Pipe: (purchased at Myers' House)

It's a very light-weight yarn with shiny nylon threads. I forgot to take a picture of it in the skein before I wound it on, yes, a toilet paper roll. I'm just going to make a scarf, but it'll be very lightweight and summery.

Tahki New Tweed: (purchased on clearance at Hearthstone Knits)
I got 8 balls for the Isis Wrap in the Summer Interweave. This is the yarn called for in the pattern, but I hadn't seen it in person before (that I could remember). So when I saw it I thought "Yeah, I think Rowan Summer Tweed would be a good substitute for this." And then I felt it, and I saw that it was $5.40 a ball. This pink was my fourth choice of color, but I think it's fun and pretty. I like pink.

[Update: I forgot! I also ordered some yarn from Yarnzilla. They had a sock yarn that I wanted, on sale, and with a flat $5 shipping. Well, I couldn't get only one ball of sock yarn with a deal like that! Also, if you spend more than $50 you get 10% off, or 15% if you spend more than $100. I almost bought enough Aurora 8 (at the best price on the internet) for a sweater (another good, popular yarn you can't get in St. Louis) but I decided to get enough for a scarf, and to get me up to $50 some Malabrigo, two skeins; I'm sure I'll find something to do with them. I'll post pictures when they arrive.]


Vicki said...

A flavor company? I have no idea but I'm curious. Good luck with it! My bf whines about only getting paid bi-weekly, I can't imagine only one paycheck a month. That calls for some serious budgeting, yuck. pink?? No! :)

Nomad said...

Cincinnati's not a bad place to live, but it is hard to spell. Good luck on the job, and you rcardi raye is so pretty!

Teri said...

Cincinnati is a great city. Super art museum there. Good luck on the new job prospect!

Anonymous said...

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