Sunday, June 26, 2005

A More Knitty Weekend

When you last left YarnEnvy, I was lamenting the status of a few WIPs. It's all good now. On Friday night I got an e-mail from Jenn that she has about half a ball of each of the yarns I need for Cardi Raye, and she's more than happy to send them to me. Yippee! How wonderful. I love technology. It's bringing people together. And on Saturday morning when I pulled out Butterfly, intending to rip it out, I decided that the increases made a strong vertical line, and I didn't want to introduce another vertical line with centered double decreases. So I continued on, (and nearly finished the left front by the time my laundry was done this afternoon). After work on Saturday, I stopped at Borders with my 30% off coupon, and bought Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. (What is that big pocket in the back for?) I read through it today and I think it'll be a lot of fun to use. Already I've seen one pattern that I'd like to change, and I used my new Knit Happens! journal to plan it a little. I wasn't sure if it would look good, but I sketched it out, and I like it.

The original had the stripes up above the bust line, and I thought that was not flattering; it would be more flattering with a pattern at the bust line (I'm wearing my favorite T-Shirt with a wide paisley pattern at the bust line today; coincidence?) but I wasn't sure if it would look wrong if the stripes extended over the sleeves that low. I think it's wonderful, don't you?

And then, when I got home, the new Interweave Knits was in my mailbox. And what a great issue. I really like most of the patterns. I haven't been able to pick out just a few favorites yet, so I'll spare you a lengthy picture-heavy post; just buy the magazine. I read someone complaining about this issue; I don't remember where. But they said something to the effect that there were a few good ones and the rest were just trying to make Lion Brand yarns look good, and that this is a trend with Interweave. I don't care if someone doesn't like a magazine, but it made me curious, and I'd like the record to show that there is only one pattern using a Lion Brand yarn in the entire issue. (And there's nothing fundamentally wrong with Lion Brand yarns. They're a hell of a lot better than that DB Cashmerino Aran everyone covets, but is crap. Just sayin'.) Another thing I noticed about this issue is that a lot of the ads are new, too, so there are a lot of new patterns out there, and a lot of things to look at.

So it was a very good, very knitty weekend.

[Update: Left half of Butterfly is finished!]


Kristin said...

The sweater is going to be fab. I love that book - I made my dad a sweater for Christmas using it. It was basic, but fit really well. Even though he refused to measure himself.

Vicki said...

Look at you, making up your own designs (well, sorta, but still). It'll look great, the stripes work just fine like that on the sleeves. Which issue of IK is the new one, didn't summer come out already?