Friday, June 24, 2005

Well, Crap.

It's a sad day for WIPs in this particular Roberts household.

Exhibit 1:
This is the second sleeve of the Cardi Raye. This is as far as it'll get for quite a while. I'm out of turquoise sparkly yarn. And, as previously mentioned, I'm nearly out of the orange yarn that is used for the sleeve caps and collar. I have sent out pleas to the Knitlist and to other women who have knitted the sweater. We'll see what happens. The worst case scenario is that I have to order more from the Netherlands, which isn't great, but not so bad.

Exhibit 2: Well, I'm not re-posting the picture of Butterfly. It hasn't changed. But I've decided that there's no reason the double decreases shouldn't be centered, and I want them all to match, so I'm going to rip out everything I've done so far. I will do this tomorrow at Knitorious where I can use the ball-winder.


Boo. This is giving me a headache. And nausea. And I can't feel my left pinky as well as I should be able to. I better lay down.

Crap, crap, and again I say, Crap.