Tuesday, June 14, 2005

C'est Fini!

A big shoutout to our girl Alison for helping me out of a jam today. I was so close to finishing the back of the Cardi Raye, and I wanted to show my students tonight, so I brought it with me today. Of course, when lunch time was rolling around and I was starting to consider how I might use short rows to save myself some grief, I turned around and realized that I had left the pattern at home.

But didn't you get the pattern on the internet? You ask. Well, yes I did. But AnnaKnits seems to be defunct, and and the original french version of the pattern is no longer available from Phildar. What to do? What to do? Calmly sit by and work on something else? Oh no. Not me.

I contacted Alison, the person I'm most familiar with who has actually completed the Cardi Raye to see if she might by some miracle have the files saved on her computer somewhere. My hunch was right, and while she only had it in the original French, it was all good. French is good. French fries are good. French toast is good. French manicures are good. I only need the numbers, really, anyway, and Alison took time out of her busy life to come to my rescue. Haven't we all been there? We're just dying to work on something, but we can't because we only brought one needle, or we brought the wrong pattern, or we don't have the next yarn in the sequence. Whatever. It's heartbreaking, and that's what bonds us as knitters.

Anyway, go say thank you to Alison, after you click here to see her wearing her gorgeous perfect finished Cardi Raye.

Duly noted: Alison is not a sparkle girl. Surprisingly, I am a sparkle girl. Who knew?

ps. No photos due to the fact that I got home late and didn't feel like weaving in ends; I will finish that tomorrow at knit night, and then there will be blocking and then there will be pics.