Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Xtreme Ants

Look, up on the ceiling, what is that? Yes, kids, they're ants.
No longer content to wander around on the floor, they've taken to my ceiling. They seem to have an affinity for certain bumps; however, I'm certain my ceiling was not finished with sugar lumps. If my neighbors weren't convinced of my lunacy before, they are now that they saw me right in front of the giant sliding-glass doors vacuuming my ceiling.

If you followed yesterday's post, you might be wondering what treasure I found on which to use my Borders 25% off coupon. It was this:
A few years ago, I saw an article in some magazine about relieving tension by laying on rubber balls, and I thought it was a good enough idea to cut out the article, but not a good enough idea to ever remember it when near enough a toy store to buy some rubber balls. A few weeks ago when Candice was in town and we were shopping, I ran into this nifty little kit and thought "Great idea. $20? Hmmm." Well, when the 25% coupon came along, I thought, "Yippee!" And I rushed right out to buy them. [Actually, I rushed right out to a Borders that had closed already, and then rushed back home to check what Borders it was that the web site claimed would be open, and then rushed back out to the correct Borders which was only open for another 15 minutes, not the hour and 15 minutes claimed by the website. I thought I'd check out that "1000 Sweaters" book which I hadn't seen yet in the flesh, but it didn't take much time to assess and discard it.]

They're a lot of fun, considering you're just laying around. You get some pretty neat sensations, and I think they've done a lot for my shoulders; I can feel it as I sit here. However, they did not alleviate the headache. Only the Magic Frankfurter can help the headache. But I think the Miracle Balls will help in the long run.

So now it's after midnight, and I'm awake even though I should be sleeping because what really helps the headache is the Magic Pill called "Excedrin Migraine" that contains a bunch of magic caffeine. I'm almost finished with the back of the Cardi Raye. I just have to finish the neck shaping (I'm mulling over how to acheive it with short-rows and without cutting the yarn). Maybe I'll go do that.

Come on, you know you want to!


Vicki said...

I'd be creeped out. I don't suppose that they'd drop like spiders, but still. The magic balls sound fun! How big are they? I always wanted one of those big balls you can exercise on. Gotta love the magic pills :)

Kirsti said...

Good luck dealing with the ants. Hopefully it's just the time of year, and they'll be gone soon.

The ball sounds interesting. I have ME and often get really bad aches in my legs. I may have to try it. Though I'm earmarking my Borders voucher for the Joan of Arcadia DVD set...

Gwen said...

I'm creeped out by the ants as well. I had a creepy bug last night like the one you had earlier. Flat bug lots of legs. Squished nicely. The Raid was in the other room and the only weapon I had handy was a book.