Sunday, June 12, 2005

What's Next?

This morning I got a coupon in the mail from Borders, for 25% off, which is a pretty good deal. I turned on my printer to print said coupon, but all it did was sit and think and then rudely beep at me with a tone of voice I've never heard before. In checking the copyright of the User's Manual, it's only about eight years old, but it feels longer, and I think that's pretty long for a printer. At any rate, printers have come a long way since 1997, and a new one wouldn't hurt. I tried to fix it, but only succeeded in an excess consumption of Q-tips and alcohol, and getting ink all over myself. Boo.

After consultation with my mother, father, the Target ad, Best Buy ad, and Office Max ad, I decided to spend $50 on a new printer, $40 of which is the cost of new ink. What's up with that? That sucks.

Anyway... Before:

I am very partial to the idea of separate ink tanks for each color, but Canon didn't have any low end printers around, and HP doesn't seem to care what I think. Oh well. For $50 you can't complain too much. The old one I purchased refurbished for about $200, I think; full price was around $300. Things sure have changed. The new printer is much quieter and faster than the last one. And it doesn't make my desk shake.

In other electronics news, the phone that I thought was dead and too old to fix has been repaired with a new battery for $12.99. The battery would have been $20 at Best Buy, making it better to buy a new phone. Again, Target to the rescue.

In knitting news, yesterday was the St. Louis Knitter's Guild Annual Potluck, whereat I ate only slightly too much and didn't take any pictures. But here's some Cardi Raye progress:
I'm not excited about how much orange is at the top, but oh well.

I'm off to Ebay to see if I can score cheap ink like I used to for the old printer. $40 is a little excessive to me.
[Update: Yes, I CAN score cheap ink on Ebay. Woohoo!]


Kathy said...

I LOVE the cardi! It's gorgeous!

How are you liking your hair these days? Did you realize how fantastic you look?