Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Feelin' Woozy

About five or so years ago, I noticed a bump in my wrist, and even though it didn't bother me, I talked to my doctor about it. He said "Good news! It's not wrist cancer!" and I said "What a relief!" And then he told me it was a Ganglion Cyst, which is extremely common and no big deal.
Your options are to ignore it, hit it with a bible, drain it or have surgery. I opted for option 1) ignore it, until it started to hurt, maybe 6 months later, at which time I opted for option 3) drain it. This involved numbing my hand, and taking the biggest syringe in the world and jabbing it into my hand, and squeezing, and jabbing, and well, it went on and on, all the while I was laying on the table doing fine. My doctor at the time was an old family friend, who knew of my interest in science, so he probably thought it would be an edifying experience for me to see what the "stuff" looked like, at the same time showing me just how big that needle was.
"How interesting, Dr. U." I said, but I don't really think that it turned out the way he intended. I felt fine at the time, but when I sat up it became clear that I wasn't going to be staying that way for long. I had to lay there for a while before I could go home. Oops.

That evening, like a good patient, I warmed it up in the shower for a while and tryed to -pardon me- squeeze some more goo out. Ooo. I get light-headed just thinking of it again. I had to lay down on the bathroom floor. It was not a good time.

As you can see from the above pictures, The Bump Is Back, which is not unusual, it comes and goes, and you can't really see it unless I bend my hand like that, but it hasn't gone for a long time, and now it hurts. I happened to have an appointment with my doctor yesterday and I showed it to her and told her I might be calling for an appointment to drain it again. She felt it was better to contact a hand surgeon and have it surgically removed. Well, that doesn't sound like fun, and draining was good enough for me before. I promised that if it continued to bother me I would call and get a referral to a hand surgeon.

So today I did some research on the internet about these crazy cysts and drainage and surgery (immobile for 7 - 10 days!). I got so woozy I had to put my head on my desk. The internet said that only 10% of people who have the surgery have the cyst come back. And with how well I handled the last treatment episode, it may be a viable choice. However, who wants to have hand surgery!?! Not me, that's who. Maybe I can find a hand surgeon willing to drain it. Or, I could go back to Sioux Falls, and Dr. U will drain it for me again, and I'll just pay for it.

Anyway, in knitting news, I'm almost done re-knitting the yarn I had used the last time I tried to make this sock:

It fits much better this time.


Emily said...

Lovely sock! Isn't it amazing how many "interesting" things our bodies can produce as they get older?

That is very cool that we share the same blogiversary.

Holly said...

Oh man, I get woozy just thinking about you thinking about it. Good luck with that. My daughter has one in almost exactly the same place you do and is currently choosing to ignore it so I'll be interested in how what you decide to do.
Really nice sock. I like the pattern!

juniorpyro said...

Possible TMI, but I know a great hand surgeon if you need one - she did my boob redux. They like to have hand surgeons to it because they're used to people who don't want scarring and need a delicate and precise touch. If you need a referral, is all I'm saying.

Did you try hitting it with "The Knit Stitch"?

Gwen said...

I feel woozy just reading about it. I'd probably be of your opinion and get it drained and continue to ignore it. Of course, I've been taking that tack with knee surgery that has a 50% chance of success for years...

Heather said...

My brother and father have gangelian cysts (I know I probably spelled it wrong) Every now and again my dad will give his a good whack and it disappears. He has had it drained several times, but it always comes back in the same place. His doctor also recommended surgery, but so far he hasn't done it. My brother just thinks it is cool to turn his hand so you can see it and then he "moves" it around...ICK! I get all grossed out thinking of that. I hope that all goes well whatever you decide to do about it.

I love the sock. I so need to do some socks. I just need a nice beginners pattern that I like to get me started on socks.

BTW, half of Jupiter has become a Ruffles scarf. She is very pretty and I got many a compliments on her. Thanks again!

Gina said...

I'm not sure what this says about me, but as I scrolled down I was really hoping that you would show a picture of the goo. Forget porn! I surf the internet looking for pus! Well, not really, but anyway I hope your wrist feels better and your sock is looking lovely.

Christine said...

Wow, what a professional sock...Love it! Simple color, elegant pattern.

Teri said...

Good luck with the hand thing. Sounds icky. I try to avoid icky.

But that sock is really great. Where did you get the pattern for that? Very cool.