Saturday, July 23, 2005


It is bloody hot today. It's been bloody hot for several days now, and it feels like the whole world is just going to melt. I'm not complaining, per se; I'm just pointing this out. Knitorious has their mail delivered by hand (the post person walks in and hands it to Sandy) and the poor guy had sweat just dripping off of him. What a bad gig for days like today. I decided that ice cream would make a good dinner, and stopped at Ted Drewes for a caramel malt on the way home from work. I know I'm getting close to being a real St. Louisan - the bridal party there didn't phase me a bit, and I didn't even check out the bride's dress. I noticed the bridesmaids dresses looked really cheap, so I didn't bother. She was very pretty, though, and looked happy, not about to melt.

Despite the heat, today I was in the mood to work on Madli's Shawl. I haven't posted a picture of it for ten months, so here you go:Twelve repeats done. There's a lot to go if I'm going to finish it by Stitches Midwest. I'll embarassed if I have to face Linda with a half-finished shawl, but I'll definitely want some more yarn from her. It's so yummy!


Teri said...

I was glad to see you on Saturday. Your sweater looks even more amazing in person. I couldn't tell that it had sparklies from your blog photos. Too cute! Also, your hair rocks.

Jenn said...

Yay! Now I know where to go if I have trouble with my Madli's Shawl! I'm doing it for Knit the Classics, and haven't even started yet. Yours looks wonderful. I got the yarn for mine at Knitorious - I think it was the first thing I ever bought there. But back then I was scared of lace, so I put it away for later. I guess it's later.