Saturday, August 27, 2005

Goodbye, Bessie!

My new favorite snack:

It's the cutest little bag of popcorn you've ever seen. The second picture is with a regular sized bag for reference. And it's reduced fat, which just means they left out the real butter, and it tastes just like fake-butter popcorn, which is what we're all used to anyway, right? Just 100 calories per bag, and it's definitely enough popcorn for one person.

Since seeing pictures of myself sitting on the bed trying to spin silk in Chicago at Stitches, I have had less of an appetite, and haven't been eating like a cow. I've lost five pounds, and for me, it's important to have lots of small snacks, so I don't feel like I'm depriving myself, yet I'm not really eating that much. These little bags of popcorn are perfect. I can leave a bunch at my desk at work, so they're convenient there, too.

And in knitting news, I just finished turning the heel on a new sock:
Pretty, huh? It took me two and a half tries to do the heel. I love short-row heels, but I always lose track and mess them up. This one is messed up in that I was supposed to end on a purl row, but instead ended on a knit row, but so what?


Elle said...

I love those colors! What yarn is it and where did you get it? (I'm in STL too.) : )

Kristin said...

The sock is ADORABLE. So very cute. And about the picture? I had the same reaction myself when I saw pictures from our engagement party. How is it we can look so different in our heads?

pleutim said...

It's kind of neat that some companies are doing 100-calorie packages. Nice and handy. Because really, there are sooo many people like me who could eat the entire regular-sized bag of popcorn.