Sunday, August 28, 2005

Isis Wrap Progress

Last night I stayed up late watching the movie Cleopatra on public television, and appropriately, working on the Isis Wrap. (Cleopatra associated herself with the god Isis.) I completed one of the front pieces.

Chelle asked a few days ago about my blocking board. It's just a cardboard cutting board thing that I got at the fabric store with a piece of plastic over it. I figure when it gets too many holes in it, I'll just get a new one. But it's pretty big, so I think that'll be a long time from now.


Amy said...

I used one of those for a while myself- they work pretty good! I love the color of your Isis.

Chelle said...

Isis is beautiful. Never heard of the Isis before, but yours is lovely. Very fitting that you watched Cleopatra while knitting it. There are no coincidences in the universe! Chelle

Kira said...

Isis Wrap - I am also working on that too, although I haven't blogged about it for a long time. I have almost completed the last front. Yours is looking very good. I love the colour. What yarn is it?