Monday, September 05, 2005

Priceless -or- Go Concrete!

My regular readers may recall a few months ago when I decided to purchase an under-bed box for my yarn, and the box turned out to be too tall to fit under my bed. At the time I decided to buy some bed risers and use them only under the head of my bed because my bed is already really tall, and it's good for your health to raise the head of your bed.

These are the risers I bought:Notice that three of them have big holes in the top. They were supposed to each hold 300 lbs. Whatever. That was really fun when I was sitting on my bed and suddenly one of the corners would fall about 5 inches. THUD! And they had a tendency to tip over, too. The feet of my bed slipped around in them, and made it really hard to place them. They were ten dollars. I guess I got what I paid for.

A set of wooden risers would be twenty dollars. I could have tried to make some myself, but having nearly no power tools, that would be a pain.

I went to Home Depot and spent $2.50 on four paving stones.
These won't break!


Holly said...

I do love a woman that can solve a problem! Don't stub your toes!

Anna said...

Ah! Brilliant! :)


GaiaGal said...

I could swear that i had read a while back that the Harlot had a very similar problem with under bed boxes. LOL!!

I just stick with the low cardboard ones, they slide under very easily!