Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Show Must Go On -or- Raoul Dufy, I Love Thee

Part of life has been shattered chez YarnEnvy USA and weeping and chocolate ingestion continues. However, we must continue on.

And so I present September's "Raoul Dufy, I Love Thee":

La Promenade des Anglais a Nice, France, c. 1946

Ironically, this months calendar art is one of my favorites, and depicts people enjoying a beautiful day in Nice overlooking the ocean. It brings to mind the Riverwalk in New Orleans and the times I have spent there looking out over the Mississippi River. And then it makes me cry, so I'm going to stop looking at it, and eat some chocolate and think about how pretty the ocean is, and how the Mississippi river really isn't.


Normandy Thenandnow said...

An excellent choice!

We are also big fans of Raoul Dufy, but just recently came across his brother Jean's work, have you seen it?
Was it ignored because it was similar?

More here about their tricky relationship and some pics.