Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome to 2005 -or- All My Knitty Friends and I Celebrate New Year's

Happy New Year!

All my knitty friends and I celebrated New Year's by sitting around playing games, watching movies, knitting, and drinking.

For a bunch of "old folks" we sure had a great time. Wendy (the back of whose head is featured in above picture) graciously hosted us in her lovely house, and we finally got to meet her darling children. A good time was had by all. We played "True Colors" (an old but wonderful game from Milton Bradley, currently selling for about $50 on Ebay) and watched "The Bourne Supremacy", which was stopped for about 30 seconds while we rang in the new year. We turned it off right when the television count-down was at 15 seconds. (Whew! That was close.) The above champagne picture was taken right at the moment, and not staged at all.

And for the new year, a bit of art history. I hereby introduce a new feature to YarnEnvy: "Raoul Dufy, I love thee." I purchased a calendar of artwork by not-as-famous-as-Monet artist Raoul Dufy (pronounced Dyu-FEE), whom I had never heard of, but now I know that I LOVE. I have about 10 calendars around here waiting for the ultimate in calendar destiny: to be taken apart, framed, and hung on the wall. With this one, I think it'll actually happen. I almost bought another one just to cut apart now because I love the work so much, and it will match with my decor in such a lovely way, and make me happy. In order to expose all of you to this wonder of not-in-the-popular-consciousness art, I am going to scan the painting for each month and share it with you on the first day of that month. I think they would all be wonderful inspiration for hand-dyed colorways (just to make this a little yarn-related).

January's painting:

Le vase de roses, 1941