Sunday, January 02, 2005

Congratulations are in Order

Congratulations are in order for a few things:

1. I just made my first healthy trip to the bathroom in about 24 hours, although it didn't feel like it would be, so I'm not out of the clear yet. Last night, I thought I was going to die between the headache, nausea, cold sweats, etc. I seriously investigated whether I could have Carbon Monoxide poisoning. I couldn't sleep (lots of caffeine in the migraine medicine) so I just layed there and thought about the neck warmer I'll someday make out of my one skein of Koigu, and will use in situations such as these to alleviate neck and shoulder muscle tension. Finally, I got out the skein of Koigu and just looked at it and petted it. I wasn't sleeping anyway, and it made me happy. Today has been all-liquid-all-the-time, with a few crackers here and there. I need a friend who lives closer to me that I can implore to get me things because passing out in the Walgreens this morning would not be a good thing, and was dangerously imminent.

2. JenLa gave me an award! I get the 2004 Technical Advising Award. As they say, "Beth will happily show anyone how to do anything." Ain't it the truth? Seriously.

3. I finished my Broadripple Socks. These were started long before the blog was, and when I finally felt well enough to knit (at 4:00pm, I was THAT sick) I did a few rows, which exhausted me, but through the day I got a few naps, and was able to finish the second sock, finally. I will post pictures tomorrow. Here is a link to the first time I posted about them, lo these many moons ago. I felt the pattern was well-written, and I didn't find any errors. I enjoyed working with the Fixation. Stretchy yarn is fun!

As I look at my 6-month-old blog, and my pitiful list of Finished Objects (2 of which are from pre-blogging days) I am reminded that I really need to focus, and not start so many projects. I also need to post a picture of the 8-foot-long-novelty-yarn-scarf, which will help a little bit. And I'm starting the year off on the right foot (get it? Har!) with the Broadripple Socks. I have a few projects that just have a little finishing work to do, so those will also get done shortly, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

You were sick too? Very early Sunday morning I woke up and could not get back to sleep. Then when I got out of bed the next morning I discovered I had a stomach virus. I too made a trek to Walgreens (though I was considering calling my parents to pick up something for me). I am feeling much better today, but took the day off work just in case. Hope you're feeling better too!

jenifleur said...

Oh no I hope you feel better soon! In the meantime, go here and get one of these stores to deliver more ginger ale, crackers and medication pronto: LinkI think it's fitting that the same day you were awarded Technical Advisor, you'd posted how to knit backwards pics. I'm taking a class at Stitches just to learn that!