Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An Almost FO - the Clapotis

I think this is how I'll wear the Clapotis for the wedding. (With a black top and skirt, not this oatmeal t-shirt and jeans, of course.)
I'll get some kind of silver pin or shawl pin thing to hold it at the shoulder, and once I block the tips out, and weave in the ends, it'll look lovely.

It looks cool this way, too, but it'll be part of my outfit, and this just makes me look like I'm cold.

It's one repeat short of full length, but it would take several more repeats to make it long enough to really wrap around my shoulders and "throw" it. You know what I mean? Any suggestions? It's also not long enough to tie in front really. I'll keep playing with it, but first I'll weave in the ends and block the curly ends.

The official FO Gallery entry will wait for better pictures; if you're curious about the yarn, etc, just hold your horses.

Update: I like this ----->
Yes, that is a pen holding it together, but it is a Space Pen. Yes, that Space Pen.


stacey said...

Have you seen these pins?

Christina said...

It looks fantastic. I love it thrown over the shoulder like that.

Dixie said...

Oh I love that! You're inspiring me to give it a try myself.

Rebecca said...

If you are anything like me, you'll wear your Clapotis everyday! I love mine!

Sandra said...

Great knitting! Now I am (clapotis) envy!