Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

Dear Knitting Friends at Barnes & Noble,

I will not be able to make it to knitting night tonight. I have a test tomorrow that I need to study for, I need to rehearse my singing, and I need to exercise, not eat luscious and decadent desserts from the B&N cafe.

Also, it's been a high knitty potential day. On the way home from work I stopped at the yarn store to buy some yarn to make a Panta Headband.* It was a wonderful shopping experience. I only needed one ball, so price wasn't an issue, color wasn't a big deal, and I knew they'd have enough. I could have whatever I wanted. I walked in, walked around, picked up a couple things, decided between them, and now I have a new project. Also, I got my new Interweave in the mail; I wasn't sure I would since I haven't paid the bill (I just got the bill this weekend) so I'm glad it's here now because I didn't want to have to wait for it to come after I'd paid the bill. So I also have a new knitty magazine. The evening holds much knitty potential.

And so, you must excuse me. I will see you all next week.


*At Thanksgiving, my best friend Candice gave me the Christmas present that has been living in her hall linen closet for nearly a year. It was a Yankee Candle and a ceramic topper with a beachy theme. When I got home, I decided that it would be most appropriate in my bathroom. But I already had a candle in my bathroom -- an old pillar candle from an old boyfriend I'd rather not remember any more than I have to. I threw that nasty old candle in the trash faster than you can say "a fond farewell, buttmunch." When in my bathroom I no longer alternately think "What a dusty old candle," or "What a crappy boyfriend," I can now think "What a pretty candle," and "What a great friend I have." I then noticed that there are a few other things around that occasionally and subtly remind me of past boyfriends, and there's no benefit to that. One of these things is a headband from REI, hence the need for a Panta. I also have a set of Hallmark kissing bears, which would be cute to give to some children, but I'd hate to pass along that bad juju. What should I do with this stuff? I feel a need to purge. Advice welcome.


Chris said...

It's hard for me to throw perfectly good things away, so I take them to a charity service. Don't worry about the bad ju-ju, the receiver will never know about it!

techygeekgirlknits said...

I pitch it all...If it's ok to give away to charity or someone that will use it, it goes there. If it's crap and I don't care (pix,candles, movie stubs), It's trashed.

My attitude is POOF...YOU NO LONGER EXIST!

Gwen said...

We did miss you last night, but understand that your test was way more important.

Can't wait to see the Panta. Looks very cool.

Have a good weekend at the wedding.

Teresa said... you post it, if somone wants it, they arange to come pick it up! the idea is to keep stuff out of the landfill if you can.

Teresa said...

ack.. was suposed to be

Kirsti said...

I'll second the freecycle reccomendation. And as you let the stuff go, you can release any bad Ex associations.

That Panta is so cute! Once my Christmas knitting is done, it may have to be added to the list. What yarn did you get in the end?

Good luck studying and rehearsing.

Jenn said...

Bad ju-ju is completely vaporized when the object in question crosses international borders. It's a fact. I've got a box going of toys to send to Mongolia for the Dulaan Project and would be happy to pick them up from Knitorious some Saturday if you like.