Friday, January 27, 2006

Time Trial #1

I have been encouraged and supported in my quest for Olympic gold. I have a coach, Gwen, and trainers and even a fan or two. (I'm exaggerating and taking liberties with comments from my last post.)

Time trial #1 didn't go as well as I thought it would, but so what, it wasn't real anyway. This is 62g of "contrast color" sportweight alpaca, which took me longer to wind than I thought it would. Hopefully I'll get to the main color and some swatching soon.

I have also joined a team from a country other than my own. The US has enough knitters, so I have decided to play for the land of (some of) my forefathers - Wales. I meet qualifications 3, 7 and 10. (At least I'm pretty sure one would sing the Welsh National Anthem at a Gymanfa Ganu, and I was not drinking with my family when I was 12, the last time I attended one, but now only my loyal readers belonging to the familial unit know what I'm talking about, so I'll stop.) They seem to think they're at a disadvantage over there for lack of yarn (hello, Colinette?) and I guess that means I'm "in Lake Placid for training not available in my own country". I'll do my best, ladies, and if I don't win, well, I'm not sure we've ever been known for much other than drinking a lot and singing a lot*, so I'll go back to the strengths of my heritage. Perhaps I will partake in the strengths of my heritage during the games, just for good luck. (Actually, I always sing a lot, but nevermind.)

*My friend Ann always likes to point out that we are also known for being obstinate, however, that isn't exactly a skill, now is it?


JRS said...

Good for you for teaming up with the oft-forgotten, oft-maligned Welsh! I too am half Welsh, and my Grandma won't let me forget it (do you have family up in north central Missouri too? Most of my ancestors are buried in the Welsh Cemetary outside of Chillicothe...)

There is one other thing the Welsh are known for though: their stingy-ness. I am sorry to say that my relatives do live up to that stereotype. I do have enough non-Welsh blood that I seem to have missed out on that.

Good luck, and I love the cool Welsh flag button on your blog.