Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Truly Happy Birthday

I have had the most fantastic birthday, I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear.

But first let me apologize; Blogger's gift to me is that it isn't sending me e-mail notification of your comments, so if I haven't responded to your well-wishes, it's Blogger's fault for not passing along your e-mail address.

Right. Moving along.

I started my day with brioche french toast, a miraculous result from the most common of ingredients: bread, milk and eggs.

Then I proceeded to Knitorious, where I was sent home early, it being a slow day. Also, Sandy gave me Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks as wage/birthday present. I've been waiting all this time to get it from her, but I really did mean to pay for it. It's such a gorgeous book, and I've been lusting for it since I saw an early copy at Stitches.

On the way home, I stopped at Target and bought Bridget Jones' Diary. I bought Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason last week, and realized that I didn't have the first one, and felt like I'd forgotten some important bits. I certainly had, and I think Bridget Jones is a much more healthy choice of entertainment for a mid-thirties single woman than Sex and the City. So I've been watching BJ and the bonus stuff all day.

And I cooked. I made the most fabulous dinner for myself, and I was appropriately appreciative of my efforts, as only I can.

This is my new All-Clad frying pan given to me by my sister. See the pattern of bubbles? See the even heat distribution? I am a happy camper.

And these are my birthday flowers, aren't they pretty?

And this is my birthday dinner, along with my birthday flowers, set at my coffee table, without any proper linens other than a paper towel, because I am in my thirties and single, and I can easily get away with this sort of thing (that thing being not owning any proper linens). Aren't you jealous?

You should be. That is a Delmonico steak*, glazed carrots a la Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a baked potato with sour cream, and a salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. What a well-balanced and colorful meal. Dark leafy greens AND carrots? What will I think of next?

Lemon Angel Food cake, that's what.
I love angel food cake. and I love lemon. and I always make my own birthday cake. I used to think I didn't like angel food cake because commercial, grocery store angel food cake is more like deep-sea-sponge-cake, but homemade angel food is delightful. I've eaten more of this one than I care to share. It is practically fat-free (only a bit of lemon oil in this one), and I'm not going to worry about it today. I wish I could share it with you, but then there'd be less for me. Sorry.

*pan-broiled with my new pan. The smoke-detector is still on the floor sans battery, the gunk under the burner has been transformed from the traditional black to a grey ash, and the smoke is still clearing. I think you can see it in the first picture. It's a good thing I ate at the coffee table, because there was less smoke near the floor.


Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Beth!! Your dinner looks fabulous. The cake too.

See you Wednesday night.


Teri said...


If you actually get this comment, email me your snail mail address when you have a moment.


Amy said...

Yum!!! That looks so good.

Procrastiknitter said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beth! Looks like a great dinner! Hope your next year is blessed and joyous!

La said...

Glad you had a happy one!

Singular Stitches said...

Happy Birthday!! Wonderful birthday dinner!

Elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Lauren said...

Happy belated birthday! And that meal looks fantastic!!

Jenn said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope to see you soon...and the meal and flowers look wonderful.