Saturday, April 01, 2006


I almost forgot it was Flash Your Stash Day! But Gwen reminded me. Her's is much more, well, more than mine, but that's ok. I used to be a One Project At A Time person (when I didn't have access to any yarn shops or fellow knitters) and still have tendencies in that direction.

So anyway, here it is:

The hanging mesh storage is for sock yarns. The top is some Opal, the middle is some dye-your-own from KnitPicks, and the bottom is Lorna's Laces and Socks That Rock. The box is an under-bed box. It contains Cotton-Ease, Wool-Ease, Kool-aid-Dyed KnitPicks yarn, Rowan Summer Tweed, Elann's Peruvian Highland, Aurora 8, Elann's Lara, and some other stuff. Most of it is intended for specific projects; the Kool-aid sweater is next.

And that's it! That's all I have. I have a bag of left-overs, but they don't count. Most of them are nasty acrylic (not that all acrylic is nasty, but this stuff is) from the good-ole days.

ps. The Ribby Cardi is done, and I'm wearing it as I type. I love it, and will get pictures taken at the yarn shop this afternoon. Isn't a finished object such a warm, fuzzy feeling? Yea!


Chris said...

Can't wait to see Ribby! Wish I was a one item knitter. I have too much to bother to photograph!