Saturday, May 20, 2006

Baby's First Pedicure

My girlfriends and I went out for a Girls' Day Out today. We left the men and children behind (or in my case, the bird) and really treated ourselves. The day started with pedicures, which was my first. What an interesting experience. The massage chair was pretty lame, but the rest was fun. I am a faithful pumice stone user, so it was pretty uneventful. I think if I wasn't, I wouldn't have been prepared for the razor shaving of the calluses and I might have passed out from shock; that part was wierd. I usually do my own pedicures, and I think I've been doing a pretty good job. Now if I could only set my feet on a ledge and paint them from the front...

See my pretty toes?

Then we went out for lunch (with appetizers and drinks, of course) at a fantastic restaurant, Brio. During lunch, I noticed that I only had one earring in, but thankfully, when I returned home I found that I had only put one in to begin with. We headed to a nearby mall for a little shopping, then to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. Yum.

This particular group of girlfriends is the group I taught to knit a few years ago. They've stayed with it, and I have a vicarious FO to share:

This is Jenn and her son, and a fantastic sweater! Isn't he cute? The picture on the left is what you'll see if you ever meet him.

After returning home, I re-wound the Socks That Rock.

Teri posted some suggestions for dealing with potential yarn shortages on my last post, if you need some. Too bad I didn't know I had a yarn shortage when I started. I always have a ton of yarn left over when I make socks; I thought adding all those yarn-overs would just eat up the extra. [sigh] I used an Excel spreadsheet to estimate the yarn usage in the original and compare it to yarn usage with various changes. I am going to use larger needles, fewer stitches and a slightly shorter leg; I think that'll do the trick. Wish me luck.


Lenora said...

Beth, those were so pretty. But the yarn is still pretty and I know you will still make some pretty socks with it. Hang in there!! You might want to flash that red nail polish about a bit anyway.........not retreat straight into socks no matter how special!

Enjay said...

Oh, I missed your last post somehow, sorry. I've been casting on provisionally, knitting the foot, then going back and knitting back up the leg. I don't care for toe up toes, so this is a good compromise for me, and all the yarn gets used. I started doing this specifically for the STR smaller skeins to avoid having an anklet with tons left over or having to knit the sock four times to get it right. Good Luck :)

Rachel said...

You could stick with the same pattern and make the pedicure socks from Knitty. That way you can show off your toes! :)

I thought that weird razor/callous thing was illegal in Missouri? Weird. I think I might have passed out, too.

Teri said...


There is NO way Gwen is getting me to a pedicure now! EEK.

Glad my suggestions helped!

Paula said...

I WAS looking forward to my first pedicure. I found the Leetle Bag, so cute, thanks. Is that a Broyhill sofa your toes are on? I have one in fabric just like that-with denim and floral pillows.

Beth said...

Don't be afraid of the pedicure. Since you've been warned, it won't be so bad. And yes, it is a Broyhill sofa, with denim and floral pillows. I call it the Magic Couch because nearly everyone who sits on it falls asleep.