Monday, May 15, 2006

A Monday Evening at Home

After work today I got to drive straight home, which is something I haven't done on a Monday for months. It felt really good. I took a shower, ate some dinner and hunkered down for some knitting and Gray's Anatomy Season Finale.

And what a finale it was. ****Spoilers ahead.****

I'm glad Denny's dead. You know why? Because it's only a tv show, and he was really cute, and the name "Denny" didn't fit him, and now the actor that played Denny can be reincarnated as a non-heart-patient on another show. And if he was on the show next season, how would that work? When the show started getting boring in the middle of the season they'd just give him more heart problems, and how much would that suck, because frankly, now I'm sick of seeing Izzy screaming and crying. He'll resurface as a CSI investigator or a lawyer or something. I promise.

I'm proud of Alex. He wasn't an ass in this episode. Good for him. And I'm glad George didn't die. Not that he would, but he's my favorite.

I am not proud of Meredith. Enough said. Except, McDreamy...I'd expect this from him.

So, now that Stitches Midwest is on the horizon, and planning is in full swing, my thoughts turn to Stitches past. I realized that of the three (yes, only three) things I purchased at Stitches Midwest 2004, none of them are finished. Two of them are started. Here they are:

"Stripes Go Round" and "Madli's Shawl" both from the Summer 2004 Interweave. It really was a great issue; these are two of many projects I have started/finished/thought about from that issue. Anyway, I don't feel I can show my face at S.M. '06 without finishing at least one of them. The top is nearing the part where I make the sleeves and attach them, and Madli's Shawl has 19 out of 31 repeats.


knit_n_nascar said...

There certainly was a lot going on on GA last night! I had to switch to knitting I could do blind so I wouldn't mess up any lacy YOs or K2togs. We all knew the Meredith things was coming. It had to. I'm still not 100% into George's relationship but I'm willing to sleep on it over the summer...

Kristyn said...

I don't watch Grey's but the guy who plays Denny (I figured it out by the commercials) actually plays the father on one of my favorite shows Supernatural. So he will be on.

Gwen said...

I agree. Denny had to die. I'm very disappointed in Meredith. I like George's relationship. I kind of like her. She's wild and a little insecure and she seems real...that being said, I see a big breakup coming next year because I just don't think it's meant to be.

In your defense, on the whole Madli Shawl, you've gotten a lot farther than I have (ummm...swatching...I'll try again one of these days) and it's one of those absolutely must concentrate can't do anything else. I'm sure you'll be done with the stripes go round in time. It's a good summer project. Besides, you're deep into utilizing some of the Stitches 2005 stuff - Socks that Rock.


Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh my yes that's a fab issue of IK. I just snagged the very last one on my LYS shelves! Madli is a little scary looking but I'm pretty gung ho to start the Victoria tank (in fact, that's gonna be my August project spectrum thinger) and there's a bunch of other stuff in there that's on the list!