Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stitches Midwest: Past Performance

Yesterday I lamented that I had finished nothing of the plunder acquired at Stitches Midwest 2004. Stuff was started, stuff was ripped out, stuff is still not done. Gwen, ever my rock of perspective, pointed out that at least I was progressing on the Socks That Rock, purchased at Stitches Midwest 2005. And she was so right. I thought about the 2005 plunder and the progress made.

Here you can see most of the spoils of war.

I have completed:
+ the Koigu (Dad's Christmas present),
+ the Alpaca (which I get extra points for because I wasn't sure what I'd use it for when I chose it),
+ the DZined sock yarn (socks for me),
+ the Tess' sock yarn (more socks for me), and
+ I think we can count the Socks That Rock, because they'll surely be finished by the time S.M. 2006 rolls around.

I have not completed (yet):
+ the Blue Moon mohair scarf,
+ the cashmere laceweight,
+ the Lorna's Laces shepherd sock, or
+ the spin-it-yourself silk scarf kit.

The statistics seem to indicate that sock yarn gets used. This will probably lead to a great amount of sock yarn purchasing even though I have plenty already. I will think I have a mandate or something. But I'm also thinking that I did a much better job in 2005 than 2004.

Stitches Midwest 2006 is gonna rock!


Gwen said...

I think perhaps you should relable me your enabler rather than your rock. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wish I could join you guys! Especially, if like last year, you make time to go to Ikea! I was in Chicago recently with my boss and he wouldn't stop, so there I sat in the back seat, face pressed against the window, wimpering as we drove right past! Maybe next year...


Tipper said...

I'm definitely going to Stitches! I will be in Chicago August 10-15, and plan to hit the Market at least once, depending upon how things go.

We should plan some sort of meetup. I'd be fun to hit the town with a bunch of knitters!

Nik said...

i like that stitch you're using for those socks. it reminds me of the stitch for my so called scarf pattern. I think that's the name of it.