Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moving Along

I think I've got it. This might be a home run instead of a third strike.
It's a new stitch pattern using slipped stitches instead of yarnovers, and I can already tell it's using a lot less yarn. The cuff pooled quite a bit, but who cares? (If you do care, it's 72 stitches on US1.5.) It's not doing it in the leg, so it's all good. All systems go, full speed ahead. Again.

And both sleeves are attached to the hemp sweater:

I can't lay it flat at this point, so the picture looks a little dumb, but it is also all systems go, full speed ahead. Dare I hope to have it done for Memorial Day? Don't hold your breath; there's nothing like a deadline to slow me down.


jenifleur said...

STR pools. That's a fact. You have to embrace it in order to love STR. Sometimes it only does it in one place, sometimes all over. But there's nothing else quite like it in yarnland.

I think it's gorgeous, but of course I won't be the one wearing them.

Jocele said...

I usually like the it some character. The sock looks great.

Amy said...

Success at last!! I'm using a 1.5 too- it's my favorite needle size for socks.