Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fog is Clearing, Outlook Cloudy

So Monday I get a call from HR lady telling me that I passed my background check, could I please get a drug screening done? Now why did we have to wait? Couldn't I have taken care of this last week while the background check was being run? We discussed my start date, and when I explained to her that I hadn't resigned yet in anticipation of a formal offer letter, she seemed surprised, and said she'd e-mail one to me by the end of the week. I told her that I'd hoped to resign on Monday the 19th (the day we were speaking), so Friday the 30th would be my last day, but that wasn't going to happen, and because of the holiday I'd probably have to stay through the 7th. Thankfully, she offered to move my start date back to the 17th, because I don't think I could work on the 7th, and start on Monday the 10th, at least not without a lot of technical difficulties with moving.

Do any of you agree with me? Do you see where I'm coming from? Is it unreasonable to expect a) a formal job offer before quitting my job and breaking my lease, and b)a week to move? I don't think so.

And, she couldn't give me any help at all with the move. She recommended one, count it, one apartment complex. Not very helpful. But I've got a chicky in Cincinnati workin' for me, finding apartments and making appointments for me to visit them. Whew.

Slowly but surely it is all taking shape.


P-la said...

I am so with you on that!! There is no way I would quit my job without a formal offer letter!!

Gwen said...

Speaking as your friendly HR person, I would never quit a job until I had it in writing. Not that they couldn't legally recind it because of that whole "at-will employee", but having it in writing is absolutely the best practice before resigning.

I'm sure the company you're working for is better than their little HR chickie... Not everyone can be as fantastic as me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ditto to Gwen...she is fantastic! ;)

Unfortunately, that means you'll be moving the week we're on vacation. But that also means we can hang 4th weekend and catch one more fireworks display at the Arch! An appropriate farewell to St. Louis, I think.


chris said...

TOTALLY reasonable to not resign one job until you have the new offer in writing! I had a similar situation once, and the new job totally understood that I needed something official before putting in my notice at the old job.

kristin said...

I think it is completely appropriate not to wait for the letter. Good luck with the move!