Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moving Purge

A while back a topic of conversation was "What is the worst thing you've ever knit?" and I don't think I had a good answer. I did promise to share some candidates, and today I am doing just that. However, this isn't a very strong candidate, so pay attention, this may interest you.

This is a sweater I made shortly after moving to St. Louis. The pattern is from Patons and I had had it for a while before finding an appropriate yarn. The yarn is Lion Brand Imagine, 80% acrylic/ 20% mohair. I think the sweater was well-executed, but I chose a size before I knew anything about ease or my own measurements, and I followed the pattern's advice: "40 inch bust: make a 50 inch sweater." Oh my. It's so large. I don't like that much ease, and it's drop-shoulder to boot. It was too scratchy also, but then I used some hair conditioner on it, and that made all the difference.

So anyway, it's only bad because it doesn't fit, and how sad is it to have made it too big? If it isn't going to fit I'd rather it be too small - less time, less yarn wasted.

And maybe it's Just Your Size. Maybe you love pink? Do you live in a cool climate? Do you like free sweaters? That's right! Everybody loves free sweaters, right? Right?

I'd hate to have to give it to the Goodwill, so whoever drops me an e-mail first with a shipping address gets the sweater. But no fair wanting it just to rip it out for the yarn! That wouldn't be very nice, and the mohair in it would make sure that you get what you deserve for those kinds of shenanigans.

[Update: Too bad. So sad. Trek beat you to it. Soon my pretty sweater will be wending its way across the country to a good home. Yea!]


Chris said...

So, what are you taking? We will have to make a bloggers hook up.