Saturday, July 01, 2006

Last Minute Chores

Today I performed a very important before-I-move task. I went yarn shopping.

This is Artful Yarns Candy and the pattern I will make with it:

And this is some Trekking (since everyone's so wild for it lately -- purple!) and Brown Sheep's Wildfoote, which I've never tried before.

And these are the most expensive needles I've ever purchased. I'm not even going to tell you how much; you'll have to find out for yourselves. But they're from Blue Sky Alpacas, and made from Lal Khola wood in India. The tin was made in China, but how could I resist those embossed alpacas on the lid? And I love how it says near the bottom "for knitting small things". I was in the mood to suport local businesses, namely Knitorious, so I bought them.

Supposedly they're so expensive partly because the tins are collectible. Unless the needles are like a miracle from Dog, I doubt I'll be making it a point to "collect" any more.

I also bought a replacement set of 1 1/2 bamboos from Crystal Palace. I had lost one and was working with four. I feel so much better now.

And I'd like to point out that this was not a "Yarn" purchase. Much like yarn purchased as "souvenir" this was yarn purchased to support a local business I won't be able to visit very often anymore. I could call it "Goodbye" yarn or "Thank You Sandy*" yarn or "I Hope the Door Doesn't Hit Me In the Butt On My Way Out" yarn.

*For those of you who don't know, Sandy is the owner of Knitorious, at one time my boss there, and a dear friend I will miss terribly.


P-la said...

It was definitely not a "yarn" purchase! I'm proud of the way you supported your local community!

those needles look great! I'm drooling!

Jen said...

I like that pattern for the top. I am addicted to knitting summer tops right now.