Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Love My New Phone

A girl's best friend in a new city:

It's my phone, showing me a turn to make on my way to work. I saw a commercial with a man in a hardware store asking for the phone that will find places and tell you how to get there*, and I realized "I HAVE THAT PHONE!" So I went to the Cingular website, and indeed, for a whopping $4 a month, I can have access via my fantastic new phone to maps and directories and everything. I entered in work's address and searched for Penn Stations nearby, it gave me a list and then showed me maps and directions to get there. (*the punch line being that he really needs that phone if he's looking for it in a hardware store, or something like that. It's a cute commercial if you're paying attention to it. Watch for it.)

As a St. Louis resident, I might not pay $4/month for this service, but as a new resident of an unfamiliar big city, I'm in love. I feel so much better about the whole situation. Last weekend would have been greatly enhanced by this. And unlike the street guide, the service is for the whole country! $4 is a small price to pay to have an interactive map in my pocket.

I think I'll sleep better tonight.


P-la said...

Dang, now I think I need a new phone!

Enjay said...

I think I need this, and I've lived here for two years!
(I'm navigationally challenged)