Monday, June 26, 2006

This Show Is On The Road!

The rest of my weekend in Cincinnati could only go up after the auspicious beginning. But I was tired, and lost, and hungry, and in need of a bathroom most of the time. Oh yeah, and in pain. I couldn't get home fast enough. I only stopped once on the five-and-a-half hour trip, and was home by 6:30. But now that I'm home, I feel one hundred times better. I've decided on an apartment and taken the necessary steps to reserve it. I also think I'm going to have to go with Allied for a moving company. North American wouldn't even talk to me (a voice mail message informed me I have too little stuff, my dates aren't flexible enough (???), they're too busy, etc.) and US VanLines would only give me an estimate over the phone. Only Allied would bother to come out and treat me like a real customer. Some of the smaller companies wouldn't return my phone calls, or sent me e-mails with ridiculously low estimates that didn't include things like fuel. Allied seems to have it all together; Kim explained the entire procedure to me, and I feel confident that they can do the job for me. Tomorrow I will give notice at my apartment complex, find out if a big tractor trailer will fit in front of my apartment or not, and then I'll get the moving scheduled. And I will start to breathe again.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

This is the first yarn shop I found: I bought some stitch keepers there.
This was the only picture I took on Saturday. But I had lunch at Chipotle, and it will indeed make a fine subtitute for Qdoba, even though I found one of those, too. I looked at a lot of apartment complexes, and my nose led me to good coffee and shopping. Then I went back to the hotel, crashed for a bit, headed out again for dinner at Macaroni Grill, and a quick stop at Target.

Thankfully, Sunday I could sleep in. I knitted a little bit, watched Madagascar on HBO, and headed out again. I first drove to work.

Pretty, huh?

Then I went hunting for one of the apartment complexes on my list that was open on Sunday. The road to get there was very narrow and very twisty and went through some rough country. After driving about ten minutes I came around a bend and thought "What is that animal?" It was tall and brown and fuzzy and it's neck reached the ground where it was grazing. Yes kids, I sniffed out an alpaca farm.

The road was such that I could stop and take a picture. There was another one, too, but I couldn't get it in the frame. Needless to say, I am not going to live there. The complex was very nice, but a little inconvenient. I'm going to live near the mall.

And, because when I grow up I want to be like Gwen, I got a new cell phone today just like hers. It's the first time I've actually paid for a cell phone, but I deserve it! and I got a good deal on it. It's a pink RAZR, and it's very cool. I'm very happy with it, so far. Too bad I'm out of anytime minutes...


Gwen said...

Hurrah!!!! I'm so happy the rest of the weekend went well. You'll love your RAZR.

Good Luck with getting your move organized and everything!!

Hopefully I'll see you this weekend.


Emily said...

Good news all around, and I think it's hilarious that you accidentally stumbled on an alpaca farm.

Fibery magnets draw in knitters!

Teri said...

Sounds like things are starting to fall in line for you. Rock on!

Kirsti said...

I'm so glad that things are coming together - and absolutely you want a moving company who will treat you and your business with just as much respect and time as a huge warehouse shipping order. After all, for all they know, you could be in charge of shipping for a large corporation....

Shame you won't be living near alpacas, but congrats on finding a yarn store! Priorities!