Saturday, June 24, 2006

How Was The Trip?

How was the trip?

The trip? Let me tell you.

1. Due to poor planning on my part, I left town without snacks, and so was bored and hungry and had to stop much earlier than I wanted. Later in the trip, still needing snacks and now needing a bathroom, I stopped again only to find a meager candy selection and an out-of-order-but-I-don't-think-I'd-use-it-anyway restroom. I purchased some stale Skittles, and stopped at a very pleasant rest stop five miles down the road. That's three stops in what should have been a 5 1/2 hour trip. Oh yeah, and my Brand New Car is chiming at me every time I open the driver's door for No Reason. Very annoying.

2. After checking into the hotel, moving the car, popping the trunk and going up to my room without opening the trunk, I headed out to a nearby grocery store where I purchased SNACKS and some bottled soda/pop/beverage with which to take my medication which, I realized as I picked up the beverages, I forgot. I have been on medication continuously since I was nine years old and have never forgotten it before.

3. On my way out of the grocery store I stopped to grab an Apartment Guide. On top of the pile of little apartment guides were some other guides someone else had moved from their homes and these rather large and heavier guides fell, one of their hard glued corners digging a big gash in my ankle. At first it just hurt, but I thought I'd take a look, and sure enough there was much bleeding and bruising. I'd post a picture, but that's disgusting. As I walked out I could feel the blood getting on my jeans. Luckily in my car was a first aid kit...with my current employer's logo on it. Irony anyone?

4. On the way back to the hotel I missed my turn and had to turn around, because the street signs were the smallest street signs I've ever seen. Maybe I'll take one to show you; no one would miss it. You wanna know how I realized I missed the turn? I drove into a nice retail area of town. On the way to the store, there was no nice part of town.

Now it's late, I've washed my face, I'm in my pjs and I'm ready to climb into bed and browse the guide which did not cause bodily injury, and get some sleep. Too bad I left it in the car.


P-la said...

Well now that you got all that ugliness and nastiness out of the way it's smooth sailing from here!! Right? Right!

Gwen said...

That kind of describes my first apartment hunting trip to KC, except I arrived and it started snowing, I checked into a hotel and couldn't figure out how to get back to it. It was a little bit off the road (think our first Stitches trip...). Ugghh!! I thought I was going to die. It ended up okay.

Hopefully your trip starts to go better. I'm rooting for you.