Saturday, July 08, 2006

Too Many Goodbyes

Wednesday I had dinner and knitting for the last time at Barnes & Noble with the Knitting Posse. I hadn't been in a long while, but it was good to see old friends even if it was only to say goodbye.

Thursday I met two friends from culinary school and went to see an exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. Dale Chihuly is a glass artist and he created some pieces for the Gardens. Thursday nights they stay open late and light the pieces, and it's really spectacular. I'm so glad I got a chance to see it.

Then Friday, oh my, my last day at work was a bit harder than I thought it would be. I was too busy, and it was too short, and I was actually sad to go. It wasn't until halfway through the exit interview, but then it was overwhelming. And to make it worse, my boss had to come and walk me out. It always seems that having a witness just makes me cry harder.

But that's over now, and Poo On Them. Shame on them for letting me get away.

Today I had lunch with my friend Cathy (in U City, for you locals) and then we did a little shopping. I bought a sarong at a shop that sells things made by people in other countries for fair wages. I've never had a sarong before, but it looked like a fun thing to wear around the house, and it is. We also stopped at an art/craft studio and found the most delightful glass characters. But I'll have to post pictures later. I'm on dial-up now and it's not working.

Tomorrow is my last visit to church, and then I have a lot left to get things ready for the movers. I don't want them to move any garbage, or anything I'll need. I'm also trying to prioritize. I don't have to throw away the food tomorrow; I can do that after the movers leave. I don't have to give myself a pedicure right now, I can do that in an empty apartment as well as a full one. I do need to get rid of the garbage, and donate the clothes and figure out what clothes to pack and which clothes to keep with me, and oh, I'll think about it tomorrow.

I also had a picture of some knitting to share. But it's just a sock. Just proof that I have been knitting.


sarahkate said...

Good luck in your new home! St. Louis will miss you, but we'll keep up with your blog! Happy knitting.

kristin said...

I know how you feel. My last day was bad too. I read this blog - Looks like she is from Cinci. Have a good move.

Gwen said...

Good luck Beth. I'm sad to see you go even though I'm not there any longer either. I hope everything goes well with you move. I'll be thinking about you.


Earin Marybird said...

The glass art at the botanical gardens reminds me of the glass flowers at Harvard. I hope your move goes well and you get off of dial up soon! Soooooo sloooooowwwww.
When packing my advice is to go for as little as reasonable. When I moved 5 years ago I did a major sort and toss. I try to do it every couple of years. I don't want to die with a house full of junk I never use. None of this applies to knitting gear AT ALL! : - )

Teri said...

I feel the same as Gwen, I'll miss you even though I'm no longer in St. Louis myself. Too bad Kansas City didn't have anything for you!

Anyway, I hope your move goes well. Make sure the movers know what stays in the apartment. We had to bring some stuff back to our old house because we didn't realize the movers had packed it!