Monday, September 04, 2006

FO Report - First String

Yippee! A finished object just as the weather is turning cool enough to wear this:

Details here.

I thought I'd finished it yesterday, but it was too long; I had only paid attention to the pattern repeats called for and not the actual length, so I had to rip out the bottom skein and then some and re-knit the bottom band. Ripping backwards wasn't too bad, except for the cables. That wasn't any fun. I messed one up and couldn't fix it, so I had to rip even farther back. Yes, the bottom band is off by half a stitch, but I dare you to notice.

Now I need to pick the next project, with the caveat that it not be cotton. My hands are paying the price, and I need something squishy to work on. I could finish the sweatshirt I'm making with Kool-aid dyed yarn (100% wool), but I'd prefer to do something I could wear to work. This seriously narrows the playing field.

Yesterday a friend of mine from work and I went to the Labor Day fireworks. Apparently Cincinnati isn't so hot on the Fourth of July, but they sure know how to celebrate Labor Day! The show was fantastic, and totally worth fighting the crowds, and being forced to use an over-used porta-pottie. Yuck. Next year I will plan that bit a little better. Perhaps I'll spring for tickets to a restaurant with real facilities.

Speaking of facilities, it's a good thing I'm a little bit handy because apparently my toilet is lazy, and continues to attempt overflow. It's flushing this morning, but is it too much to ask, for the price of my rent, to have a toilet that isn't challenged to do its most basic task?