Monday, September 04, 2006

My Favorite Bridge

After finishing my sweater this morning, I headed out to check out a local sight.

Near the river is a shopping center called "Newport on the Levee" and attached to it is this bridge:

Why, yes. It is purple. And it is only open to foot traffic. It used to be for cars and trains, but now it's only for people. They call it the Purple People Bridge. I walked across and back again.

Fun times.


Teresa said...

I LIKE... I like bridges, especially foot bridges. What does it connect to? Is there something interesting on the other side?

Beth said...

I'd love to do the bridge climb, but I keep balking at the prices. That's my yarn money! ;)

Lori Jo said...

I took my sons (from Northern Lower Michigan) to Cincinnati this past April for Spring Break (hey, it's South...), and we loved the Roebling Bridge! It was fun to watch the Reds fans cross it for the home opener. We would've walked the Purple People Bridge, too, but it was too cold and windy! (That's what we were trying to escape.) Cincinnati rocks...hope you enjoy it and the "knit world" there.