Thursday, September 07, 2006

Your Generous Hearts

My employer supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and because I am a newbie, and attempting to become a part of the company, I am behaving like a joiner, and walking in this year’s fundraising event. Because you are all so generous, I know you’ll be interested in knowing how you can help me reach my very modest goal.

Just click here, and give a buck or two. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


Jeannie said...

Is this the fundraiser held at Kings Island?
We have good friends who have done it for 5 years.
Their daughter has JD and has a pump - we always send them money - and we keep thinking one day we will walk with them .
Good luck and have fun.
Jeannie from just north of Indianapolis
ps if you ever travel this way I will happily tell you about LYS