Sunday, October 22, 2006

90 Days Out

This past Tuesday was my three month "anniversary" at work. Can you believe it's been three months already? I can't. What I really can't believe is that I still want to do the Happy Dance when I think about how much I love my job. I mean, they still have to pay me to show up, but I don't dread it, and I feel like I'm learning a lot and getting a lot done. On Tuesday I also had my 90-day review, which was about as glowing as a 90-day review can be. As I reflect on the past ninety days, and the first ninety days at my last job, I can only remark that I have not once been made to cry this time. I'm very appreciative of that fact.

**Spoiler for Jennifer ahead**

Jennifer, if you're out there reading this and don't want to ruin the surprise, then don't scroll down, just close the window. On the other hand, if you want to see what I'm working on, you go right ahead. It's your call.

I wasn't going to document any baby stuff for my sister until she had received it, but I stumbled upon the cutest pattern, and I'm really enjoying working on it, so I can't help but share. This will probably jinx it; by documenting it I'm practically guaranteeing that I'll never work on this again. ;)

Here is the link to the pattern. It's from Lion Brand, and it costs a whopping $.99, and you can download it. I was looking for baby sweater patterns, and thought this blanket looked cute, but couldn't tell much about it. I thought $.99 was a small price to pay to satisfy my curiosity, and I'm so glad I did.

As you can see, I've completed three squares (out of twelve). The pattern says to bind off and then sew them all together, but I'm doing a three-needle bind off as I go. This involves quite a bit of stitch-holding, but I'll figure that out as I go.

I'm using Lion Brand BabySoft, but not in the colors called for in the pattern. (I think I'm allergic to pastels.) I could find the blue, purple, pink and white in local stores, but had to order the green and yellow. In fact, the green I could find at several websites, but the yellow I could only get from Lion itself. So yes, I paid way more than I could have, but I am very happy with my color choices, and it makes it a lot more fun to work on. The needles are also Lion brand double-pointed, so the acrylic-on-plastic squeak isn't that pleasant; anything that can make it better is a Good Thing.


trek said...

Yes, if the job does not make you cry - it is a good thing!

michelle said...

Hi, How do you like Cincinnati? Where did you move from. We are making this move in 6-8 weeks. So I am lurking on the Queen knitting ring. Are you a master knitter? I saw that you belong to that ring. We are moving so that hopefully my husbands job will no longer make him cry. And our mortgage will hopefully stop bringing the whole family to tears once we move. ;)

Theresa said...

Allergic to pastels? Thanks for the chuckle.