Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reviews and Updates

1. One baby item finished. Picture taken. Will share when received by parental unit. It will fit a toddler, so there's no rush.

2. TiVo is the bomb.

3. Target brand candy corn is not a suitable substitute for Brach's. Don't bother trying it, I already did. You can thank me later.

4. I tried a new mascara claiming to keep your eyelashes curled for eight hours, and it did. It's from L'Oreal, and at the end of the day my lashes were still standing proudly out of my frame of vision. It also didn't flake down my face over the course of the day. It's a miracle.

5. New Buffett album is out. Two thumbs up. Very enjoyable.


Gwen said...

Greetings from Atlanta. Tivo is the bomb. It's recording all my shows as I've been in meetings all night long. It's fabulous. Grey's CSI, and all my shows will be available later.

Can't wait to see the baby item.


Jess said...

If forced to choose between Tivo and my high-speed internet connection, I would drop the high-speed internet in a heartbeat. Tivo is the best!

Lauren said...

We just got Tivo this week too. It's fabulous, although it did freeze up tonight and needed a rebooting.

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the mascara. Doesn't flake and lasts 8 hours- gotta have it!


JRS said...

I was in Boston a few weeks ago, and I bought some really nice, very brightly colored handpainted merino called "Jimmy Buffet." Sounds like it might be up your alley...

No Tivo in Japan. I'm jealous!

Michelle said...

I keep thinking about getting Tivo! DH just got a new TV and I think I may need tivo to go with it!!

Lucinda said...

Tivo would be ideal! Then if I miss something because I'm busy knitting, I can go back & rewind it.

Hurrah for finished baby items! I'm looking forward to seeing it.