Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Books for My Birthday

First, my birthday flowers. I bought them on Sunday, my actual birthday, but the lilies just opened yesterday. So pretty!

Ok, so my birthday was several days ago, but I keep getting gifts!

Technically, Hot Dish Heaven was given to me by my sister for Christmas, but the Le Creuset casserole dish was my birthday present, and so they really go together. At first glance, it doesn't seem like the kind of thing either my sister or I would go for, but it was highly recommended by the New York Times, and Jane and Michael Stern, so I'm all about it. There is one recipe that calls for a cup and a half of Cheese Whiz, and I will not be trying it. I don't think I could even bring myself to buy some, much less use it as an ingredient. I guess I'm just an ingredient snob, but who didn't already know that? I did make Moussaka on Sunday, and it was wonderful. I'm still working through reading it, and it really is interesting. And really, how could I not love a book published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press?

The second wonderful gift is this book from my brother. I have asked for this for several years now, and finally someone bought it for me. I can't wait to savor every morsel. (Yes, I stole the image from Amazon.)

And just when you thought I had no knitting to share, this arrived from Amazon for me today:
From Gwen. I was hoping someone would get this for me; if they didn't I was going to have to buy it for myself. It is the reason I didn't go to Barnes&Noble to knit tonight -- I just had to stay home and get to know my new friend. It's a beautiful book and full of information. I can't wait to absorb it all.


Amy said...

The Victorian Lace book is so gorgeous- I'm planning to get that one soon, even though I'm not a huge lace knitter (maybe it will change me?)

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to you.