Monday, January 08, 2007

CrazyAuntPurl Day

Hey kids! It's CrazyAuntPurl Day chez YarnEnvy. I love reading Laurie's blog, and today I have two reasons to link to her, and they are as follows:

1. Today Laurie discussed something that's been on my mind, too. It's the question "How much new stuff does one person need?" I buy a lot of stuff. Some of it makes my life easier (like my recent technology purchase which allows me to blog from my couch, like I am right now.) And I'm sure a lot of times I don't really need whatever it is. And maybe sometimes someone has a used whatever-it-is they don't need anymore, but since I don't know them and they don't know me whatever-it-is ends up in the trash. And I think about people living in less fortunate countries than ours, and even those in our own country who aren't as fortunate as I. I'm not going to take an oath or make any rules for myself like Laurie, and these people. But just having read the article about them has made me think about everything I purchase. Since reading the article I haven't purchased anything that doesn't wear out or need to be replaced or food. I'm certainly not going to feel bad about buying new compact fluorescent bulbs to replace my burned out incandescents. (My living room has "craft" full-spectrum lighting now!) I'd really like to buy a brush to clean out my coffee grinder, but I hesitate, because maybe there's a used brush out in the world I could use. But I don't have one, and I'm doubtful that I could find one at the thrift store I'd feel comfortable using around my food. I think I'll either have to do without or buck up and pay the $2 and try to not feel guilty about the environment.

2. Funny story: Today I shared my leftover birthday cake with my co-workers, and everyone really liked it. I was talking about it with someone and commented "I think we sometimes forget what real homemade stuff tastes like, with real butter and sugar and freshly-squeezed lemons. But that's how I always cook; that's just how I roll."

This phrase is not common parlance among those with whom I spend my time. And it just came out of my mouth, I didn't really do it on purpose to be funny, although I was certainly laughed at. I think it entered my vocabulary when I recently caught up on reading old posts, and read this.