Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can You Believe It?

More finished socks? Yes!

These are my "Traffic Socks" or "Emergency Socks". I leave them in my car and work on them when the interminable lights in my town leave me stuck and waiting and bored. I also work on them when I don't have anything else with me and I need something to do. I could also call them "Backup Socks". They are very simple stockinette, to better facilitate short blips of work while watching for a light to turn.

The question now is "What should be my next pair of Emergency Socks?"
These are some of the candidates:

On the left - Austermann Step which is a definite striping pattern that I want to knit in stockinette. In the middle we have Trekking. I have yet to knit with Trekking, but it's very popular. This particular colorway stripes a little bit, but could stand a subtle pattern, or not. On the right is some Fortissima Socka Disco Color, which I think you can see has sparkles in it. I was planning on using it for my next Emergency Socks but when I pulled it out I realized that it doesn't really stripe and could be used for a subtly patterned sock. However, I don't think I would feel quite so bored and frustrated if I were knitting pink sparkly yarn. It's uniquely qualified for traffic duty in particular.

I could also use some Koigu or Socks That Rock, or a few other yarns that are particularly beautiful no matter how you knit them, but I leave the sock in the car door pocket, and I'd hate for it to get rained on or shut in the door or whatever.

I was going to ask what you think, but I've pretty much talked myself into the pink. And you'll give me your opinion and suggestions whether I ask for them or not.


Anonymous said...

Why not do one of each. That way you will have either three or six different pairs with three socks.

Guses who

Amanda said...

Oh, they're all beautiful. I love Trekking. The colors bleed into each other in such a gorgeous way.

I have some Step in the stash and it is so soft to the touch, but I haven't knit it up yet so I can't speak to it's quality as an attention keeper.

The sparkles and that's all you need to know. ;0)

danielle said...

The Trekking is beautiful! I vote you use that!

Chris said...

I had already decided pink before you decided for yourself. It would definitely make the stops more enjoyable. But the Trekking is nice too.

Jeannie said...

i too was going to say the pink. Great spring/summer motivator
Good luck - can't wait to see them

Rachel said...

The pink. I've been jonesing for that color for months. If you knit the pink then I can knit vicariously through you. Your traffic socks look great!

Gwen said...

While I love the pink and have a serious love for Trekking, I think you should go for the Austerman Step yarn. Stripes are good for the car. The Trekking can be splitty, which is not good for stoplight knitting. If you're going to do some sort of minor pattern on the pink, that's out. Besides, I'd want to finish that one too fast. So, I'm rooting for the step. That way, you won't care how long it takes.