Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Persistent Readers

Well people, as stated, I had already made up my mind. This was started before I got any of your suggestions. I had to follow my heart.

Isn't it pretty? I love that the sparkles show up in the picture. I worry that they will be scratchy, but I bet I'll love the sparklies more than I hate the scratchies.

I decided that the colors and the sparkles were enough for a stockinette sock and I didn't really need or want to use a pattern with it.

But never fear, I'm sure I'll get to the others eventually. It's not like the Florence KY powers-that-be are going to magically figure out how to properly regulate traffic any time soon. Gwen made a good point that I'd want to get them done faster than it will take to finish them in thirty-second increments, but I do work on them at other times, like during chorus rehearsal, and sometimes I bring them to Wednesday Night Knitting at Barnes & Noble, so I can get them done if I want to. And if we consider that I don't actually like to wear socks that much, and it's a long time until fall comes again, it's all good.

Amanda, on the other hand, I'm not so sure what she was trying to say. She said she had some Step in the stash but couldn't "speak to it's quality as an attention holder." I am grateful for the input, but Amanda honey, I don't need help paying attention for, at most, a minute at a time. It may seem that way from my inability to knit straight while talking at B&N, but I'll pretty much work on anything when I'm faced with the boredom and wasted time of a traffic light. And by-the-way, I have knitted with Step before, and I loved it, but everything I made with it was given away. My St. Louis voice teacher loved them, and my nephew can't really express his appreciation in so many words, but he looks happy to me.


Kim said...

I knit at my choir, too. There is another knitter and we often get visited by curious onlookers, so I try to keep that knitting simple!

Lucinda said...

How many voice teachers are there in St. Louis? I wonder if it's the same voice teacher my dad has now. (60 some odd years of singing, & he never had any formal voice training until he got accepted into the St. Louis Symphony Choir this season.)

I'm the same way about long traffic lights, especially the one to get out of work in the evenings, when everyone is trying to leave at once so it's common to be stuck there for 5-10 minutes.