Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's Up With This?

WUWT #1: I thought that exercise was supposed to put you in a better mood. I've been exercising quite a bit lately, and I am about as grumpy as I've been in a long time. Which just makes me more grumpy. I'm spending the holiday weekend in St. Louis, so hopefully my friends can cheer me up.

WUWT #2: Interesting needle learning I wish I had noticed earlier: I knew that there were variations between knitting needle makers and their sizing systems. But I didn't realize how much until last night. I seem to always want to knit socks on US1.5-sized needles. Unfortunately I only have enough 1.5s to make one sock at a time, so before going to bed I was scouting knitting catalogs to buy some more. I thought I'd find some interesting new needles to try. And, I thought my 1.5s were 2.5mm, but I wasn't sure and I met with quite a lot of conflicting information regarding what is a US1, a US1.5, and a US2. It turns out that my size 1 set from Knitpicks really is a 2.5mm, which is what I suspected (but I doubted my instincts; must not do that!) It seems that a wide variety of opinions can be found about a lot of needle sizes, particularly the smaller ones. So heads up! Know your metric size.


karen said...

One thing that adds a wrench into the whole US/metric sizing of needles? When online sellers list their US sizes, they don't always list the metric equivalents. oy.

chris said...

I think when knitters rule the world, we should unify needle sizes (and gauge swatch measurements) using metric, thus getting rid of all the confusion!