Sunday, March 18, 2007

FO - Lichen Ribbed Socks

Look! Finished socks!

This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild Raspberry (most gorgeous). I used one of the patterns in the beginning of Knitting Vintage Socks from Nancy Bush, the Lichen Ribbed Sock, named for the color it is in the book. I chose it because I wanted a plain pattern for the yarn which is beautiful enough on its own, and it used a Welsh heel (from the land of my forefathers?) and a star toe, both of which I'd never done before. As you can see in the picture, the heel isn't the K1,S1 type, and thus isn't reinforced at all. Also it has a purl stitch at the very back which is meant to represent a "seam". We'll see how they hold up. They're a little itchy right now; I need to wash them, and hopefully that'll go away.


Chris said...

So pretty. Hope they soften up.

Gwen said...

Definitely need to wash them. I love mine out of the Bearfoot, also in the same color and a ribbed sock. They soften up quite nicely.


Kim said...

Beautiful colors. That sock is on my "to-do" list also.

Jess said...

Absolutely lovely! I've been drooling over Bearfoot for years but have yet to bring myself to buy it. I think the colorway you used is one of the ones on my list!