Monday, March 19, 2007

Get With The Program!

Why didn't anyone tell me?

I've been listening to Lime & Violet, and catching all the back episodes. They're great! I love their enthusiasm for socks, and I've been feeling inspired to show my sock enthusiasm more proudly too.

I have to admit, I don't listen to any other knitting podcasts. I loved Knit Cast, by Marie Irshad. It was like NPR if everyone at NPR were knitters. But she hasn't had a new episode in a while*. I've tried a few others but none have gained my loyalty. None have been interesting or enjoyable enough for me to think of other than when I've accidentally come across it on my MP3 player. Marie set the bar pretty high.

But Lime and Violet I want to meet. Ladies, if you're out there reading this, you're welcome to Yarn Crawl in Cincinnati with me. Or I'd be willing to go to St Louis to show you around there. Or Sioux Falls. There's not much to show there, but I'd do it. And you can stay at my parents' house with me. (Not that it's too far to just drive home, but still...)

Maybe I'd hit a plateau in my knitting enthusiasm. I no longer spend every saturday in a yarn shop. I don't meet with 100 other knitters once a month. Trying to sift through new knitting blogs is overwhelming. I have too many projects looming for my comfort, so shopping isn't a frequent occurence. Besides, there's precious little new to an old-timer like me (that I can afford, or would make a sweater from). I'm feeling a bit mature, perhaps. Looking at the Stitches Midwest class offerings, I was pressed to find something to be really excited about. I still love to knit and would do it all day if I could, but not feeling the joy of discovery.

Lime and Violet are filled with the joy of discovery. And it's contagious, and comes with links. Yippee!

* I just went to and she has some new material to listen to! Not a podcast, per se, but I'm glad she hasn't fallen off the earth!


Rachel said...

I'm obsessed with Lime and Violet. If they take you up on your offer you best be bringing them in to the shop so I can embarass myself by babbling nonstop about how much I love them.

Jess said...

Lime & Violet are great fun! I don't listen to other knitting podcasts either, but L&V for whatever reason just *click*.

Teri said...

They will be in your neck of the woods in June!

Cast On used to be my favorite knitting podcast, now it's L&V all the way. They crack me up!

Other knitting/crafty podcasts I like include It's a Purl, Man, Sticks & String, CraftBorg, Crafty Chica. One of these days I'll put together a post all about the different podcasts I like.

Here's hoping that you find the joy again!

Chris said...

You have just put a name to what I am feeling. Mature. I wasn't pleased with Sts Mdwst either. But I am taking 2 design classes, 2 sessions each. I can remember having to cut back to 18 hours, or not being able to take all I wanted. But when I looked at the offerings I thought, been there, done that.
The classes at Knitter's Connection weren't any more alluring, and since I will probably be in Columbus for TNNA, can't justify the entire 10 days away from home.

Anonymous said...

Not to be on the outside here, but I grew sick of Lime and Violet. The shows were great at the beginning but quickly became everything but knitting. There were times when the show was 20-30 minutes in before there was any reasonable knitting content. I've deleted them, but I do highly reccommend Stash and Burn and Ready Set Knit. RSK is by the owner of Webs, in New England and Stash and Burn is all about two girls , well, burning through their stash. Aaaannnnd my final fav podcast just for knitting is Sticks and String, the caster is male and Australian, I could just listen to him read the phone book! For general crafty podcasting I love Craft Borg, they are knitters, scrapbookers, cardmakers, sewers and Harry Potter Fans :)

Miss Violet said...

We could totally do Sioux Falls, you know. :)