Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Getting With The Program

Why didn't anybody tell me? (Until now, that is.)

How did I not know about this? It's not even two hours away.

This is why I lament the lack of a knitting guild here in Cincinnati. Knitting guilds spread critical and essential information, like convention-ish events in the area. Events that keep my knitting blood boiling. EVENTS THAT ARE ESSENTIAL TO MY MORTAL EXISTENCE.

I also thank Teri for the podcast suggestions. I had more-or-less given up, so now I troll iTunes again for more manna of life. If you'd like to suggest your favorites, I'd happily give them a whirl.

And I've been thinking. Do we not refer each other to new blogs anymore, or am I just not following the trail? This is entirely possible. There was a time when I had stopped by every blog on the Knitting Bloggers ring at least once. That is practically impossible today, no? I guess it would be possible, because it's a monitored ring, and inactive people are booted, so there are only 1048 today, but it was a lot easier back when.

[sigh] It's not easy staying cool.


Beth said...

(sheepishly ducking head) Uh, I probably could have said something. Guess I blocked it out since I'm busy that weekend.

Here's my next fiber outing (maybe- I hope...)


Colleen said...

Oh, but you stay cool with such style and finesse!! ;)

Not sure why I'm buttering you up yet, but I'll think of something! I still enjoy reading your blog every chance I get.

Miss you!!

spinsandknits said...

The dates for the 2010 Upper Valley Fiber Fest in Troy, Ohio are
May 15 from 9 am to 5 pm
and May 16 from 11 am to 4 pm

Also, our website address has changed. It is now

Thought you'd want to know. :-)